Connections Mini Course


Good Things Come in Small Packages

Get started today with the Connections Mini Course

If you dread meeting new people, don’t know what to say or actually avoid attending gatherings unless you have a friend to go with, this guide is for you. The workbook will allow you make a plan that works for you.

If your social game is on point but then you think, now what? How do I take the next step or develop a relationship with someone I’m interested in? This guide is for you, too!

If you’re in a relationship but know it could be better, you’ll love my tips for mindful relationships and twenty ways to deepen any bond. And more!

This Connections Mini Course includes a 3-part video series and a downloadable PDF Guide/Workbook.

Video One is all about Creating Connection, inside you'll learn:

  • Conversation Starters
  • Thoughtful and Engaging Questions
  • 7 More Great Ways to Start a Convo
  • Confidence Boosters
  • How to Slide on Out Leaving the Door Open
  • Asking Questions vs 3rd Degree
  • BONUS: A Great Way to Approach a Group AND Tips for Ending Conversations

Video Two Introduces Building Connection and includes:

  • 4 Essential Elements of Building a Connection
  • 5 Key Habits for Building Better Relationships
  • 6 Awesome Tips for Rocking Connection

Video Three Encourages Deepening Connection with:

  • 5 Musts for Deepening New Bonds
  • 7 Ways to Create a Mindful Relationship
  • 10 Great Ways to Deepen ANY Relationship

The Workbook/Guide allows you to have space to write your ideas, inspirations, and thoughts. Plus you get these added Bonuses:

  • 10 More Ways to Deepen ANY Relationship
  • 2 Additional Resources for Deepening Connection

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