Do you:

  • have a tendency to take things personally?
  • sometimes overreact and then want to crawl in a hole?
  • consider yourself more sensitive than most people you know?
  • get way too anxious when dealing with difficult people or situations?

I get it. So much suffering comes from being triggered! Imagine a world in which no one is triggered. Peaceful, right?

This is my mission.

So the question is, are you ready to get over it, already?

Great. Let’s first define the word trigger, so we’re on the same page, at least for the length of this article. Most people think a trigger is an upsetting event, something someone said or did, an event that suddenly causes a negative emotional reaction, despite one’s mood before it occurred, you might say.

But the truth is that triggers are actually that elusive “thing” that happens inside us immediately following the event. That is why many people think the event is the trigger. It happens in an instant.

Triggers are actually long-standing beliefs. These beliefs are false, but we believe them anyway and have since childhood. In fact, we create them ourselves. *gasp* And we carry them into adulthood and to the grave, until and unless we 1. become aware of them and 2. process them and send them packing.

So how the heck do we do that? Awareness is usually the easy step, but processing and sending them packing is certainly easier said than done. Until now.

Here is a step-by-step approach that just might be the most important thing you ever learn. Oh yeah, I said it.

I believe relationships are everything because everything is a relationship. And being triggered wreaks havoc on our relationships. Even if you manage to control your reaction and… Read more

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