If you’re looking for love, I offer you a simple shift in perspective and approach. Become magnetic to love! How?

  1. Be as Authentic as Possible

We are the MOST attractive when we are authentic and open… when we are our most exposed… when we are raw… and in the moment.

Many of us hide our true selves, fearing others will judge, reject or even ridicule. But it is not our “put together”ness that attracts people to us. It’s our vulnerability.

When we show others we aren’t perfect, others can relax into their imperfection and feel closer to us. It’s our secret dreams, stories of hard lessons and struggles that makes us feel like we know a person and bonds us to each other. Simply think of a time someone was telling you how great they were. Did you feel close to them or want to run away?

Besides, you don’t really want to attract people who aren’t “your” people, right? Life is all about attracting your peeps, your posse, your tribe, whether that be shared interests, shared passions or shared hearts.

If it is difficult for you to show your true self to any and all, it might be time to explore why that might be. We usually have very good reasons for protecting our hearts… that no longer serve us. The you that set up that protective system is stronger and more mature now. You likely no longer need to hide.

So give it a try! What comes up will point you in the direction of what may need to be healed next.

2. Discover and Focus on Your Passion

Passionate people are totally magnetic. It doesn’t even matter what you are passionate about! When you start telling someone about your dreams, plans and passion projects, your ego shrinks and YOU shine and people are drawn to that.

Unlike the example above, you’re not telling someone about you and your accomplishments. You are telling them about your heart, and it’s completely magnetic. Before they realize it, they want to tell you about their passionate heart and boom! Connection.

Not sure what you’re passionate about. Here’s a pro tip. Become quiet and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What makes you smile?
  • What could you do for hours?
  • What activities spark your creativity?
  • What are the happiest parts of your life?
  • What physical activities make you feel alive?
  • What do you love to talk about, learn about, or teach?
  • What would you do if you had all the money and time in the world?

The more passion you feel for and focus on in your life, the more passion, energy and enthusiasm others will feel coming from and being around you, and that will draw them to you. It will also give you massive confidence and raise your love vibration.

3. Open Your Heart and Let Go of…read more

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