Kimberly Koste, MA

Relationship, Mindset & Confidence Coach

I believe relationships are everything, because
everything is a relationship.

I help professional women like you improve your relationships: the ones that you’re in, the ones you want to be in and the one with yourself, by focusing on eliminating triggers, making mindset shifts and turning fear into fierce, because knowing yourself on a deeper level is paramount when it comes to success, happiness and creating bonds that last.

Professionally Trained, Personally Transformed

My fascination with us humans began as a child. “Why?” was my favorite question. Why do we do what we do? Why do we make the choices we make? When I was 17, I knew I wanted to help people who were struggling.

What I realized in my 20’s is that these struggles often manifested in relationships. In fact, my own story is one of several tumultuous relationships, starting with Mom.

So I earned a B.A. and then an M.A. in Psychology. I was particularly fascinated with family dynamics, which led to my becoming a Children’s Social Worker and provided me the privilege of working with families in crisis. 

In the early 2000s, I was introduced to the world of coaching. I fell in love with coaching’s deeper dive into understanding personal achievement barriers, uncovering sources of relationship problems, and future-focused, cut to the chase, get ‘er done approach! I knew I’d found my “next chapter.”

But I didn’t dive in right away. I gave into the fear that I wasn’t good enough to help others. After all, I was about to end my second marriage, so who was I to try and help others?

After that 10-year marriage to my son’s father ending in divorce, I vowed to do better, but it wasn’t as easy as saying the words. Not one but two more heart breaks later, I had an epiphany that as the one and only person living my life, I was the one who needed to change if I wanted great relationships.

I didn’t know why I was attracting and attracted to the people I was dating; I just knew it never ended well. I needed to figure this out or else it was sure to happen again! By now, my son was 9 and I needed to set an example for him.

I hired a coach immediately and became willing to do the work, no matter how hard it was. I was ready to face my fears and feel my feelings. In fact, I embarked on a personal and professional journey of self-discovery that has become one of spiritual growth. I completed two relationship coaching certifications while healing my own heart and stepped into my expertise.

Now, I create my relationships just the way I want them, I have a huge toolbox of knowledge and skills to use when conflicts arise and I’m ecstatically happy in general. I learned why I was attracting and attracted to the wrong people and how to attract the right people and co-create amazing relationships with everyone in my life.

This kind of inner peace and emotional freedom is priceless. It IS happiness. And it’s what I want for you. Whether you are heartbroken, single and frustrated or in a relationship you know could be better, I’d love to share with you the research-backed knowledge and skills we all need to have happy, healthy relationships.

It’s invaluable to have someone who really gets what you’re going through, doesn’t judge, and asks the right questions, ultimately guiding you back to your true self. Whatever you’re going through, I’m ready to partner with you, in your transformation. 

It’s your turn and the time is now!

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